Free R.E.D for Women's Health Launch at Cagni Park, North Miami

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

FREE 8 WEEKS FITNESS SESSIONS! Do you have a health & fitness goal that you're trying to reach?🤔 This is your chance to get there! Put on your workout gear & meet us on Tuesday, September 17th @ 6pm at Cagni Park in North Miami for the Kickoff of R.E.D for Women's Health Program powered by CHE Network and the Miami Foundation. Dr. Maude Exantus will lead this first fitness session! MAUDE IS A PASSIONATE NURSE PRACTITIONER, CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER, HEALTH COACH, AND IFBB FIGURE ATHLETE. You are in for a treat! Don't miss out and remember, these 8 weeks sessions are #FREE. Water, health bars and fruits will be provided. Get your BMI and risk factors. Let's do this together! Pre-register at: #CHENetwork #ReducingMortality #Prevention #Health4Life #ImprovingWomensHealth #BridgingHealthGaps #GoRED #Health

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